What about the sprinklers hitting them or being splashed from the pool?

OSD Audio outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand water, rain, sun, snow and any extreme weather conditions. This doesn’t mean you can drop them in the pool and all will be well—technically all outdoor speakers are "water resistant" and not "water proof." However, they are proof against the intermittent water sprayed from garden sprinkler systems. The speakers can even withstand Fido’s occasional visits, although dog urine could cause some discoloration over time. While we do not recommend you place your speakers in the direct spray of garden sprinklers, intermittent or accidental exposure poses no problems. Some consideration should be made when considering prolonged exposure to pool or spa water. These waters contain harsh chlorinated solvents particularly harmful to modern plastics and advanced materials. Our product design team has considered this in their designs and while prolonged or continual exposure could be harmful, intermittent or occasional exposure is not. Many of our products are used regularly in marine applications.

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