I don't have a subwoofer out jack, what other connection can I use?

The next best connection possibility is using the speaker, or high-level, connections. This input on the plate amplifier receives the signal that is normally sent to speakers and converts it internally into a smaller signal that it can use. This can be implemented either as a loop-through or as a straight feed. When used with small main speakers, it may be beneficial to route the speaker signal through the high-level inputs, and then connect the high-level outputs to the satellites. This provides a 6 dB/octave highpass crossover to the main speakers which will help protect them from receiving too much bass information. The other possibility is to "parallel" the speaker input connection with the feed going to your main speakers. Because the input impedance is very high on the high-level inputs, this method usually will not strain the main amplifier. This connection method can be used with main speakers that are relatively robust on their own, and if they have a steep low-frequency roll off, decent integration between the subwoofer and the mains is possible. Many people try to use a "tape monitor" loop to feed the subwoofer amplifier, which will work, but the level will not adjust as the main level is adjusted. Since you have to re-set the relative subwoofer level every time you use your speakers, it becomes a very annoying prospect.

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