What are in-wall speakers used for?

In-wall speakers can be mounted on a variety of flat wall surfaces and provide excellent sound for home theater applications, as well as whole house audio. Typically rectangular in shape (although OSD does offer square models), in-wall speakers take up far less space than traditional box speakers and wires are neatly concealed behind the wall. Wall speakers can even be painted to match a room décor—a favorite feature among interior decorators. Most in-wall speakers use the wall cavity as their enclosure or cabinet; however, boxes can be purchased for new home construction projects that create a solid, resonant-free enclosure. In-wall speakers come with special screws (called dog ears) that flip out and secure to the drywall (or other wall surfaces), a nearby stud, or a special frame attached to the studs. Custom installation frames (brackets) can also be purchased for a more secure fit or for lighter wall materials that require more support. In wall, speakers are often categorized by the size of the woofer, not the size of the speaker itself, so a 6½” in-wall speaker has a 6½ woofer.

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